Podcast Syndication Services

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Podcast Syndication Services

Podcast Syndication Services

Posting your audio file over the internet isn’t enough. At Helium Radio Network, our aim is to help get your voice heard. Our podcast syndication services offers you the necessary tools and platform to help get your broadcast started. Our network remains the perfect way to broadcast your live podcast.

What Is Podcast Syndication?

Podcast syndication refers to the manner in which a podcast show gets new episodes to the right destinations. It involves pushing podcasts episodes to the audience that is expecting them in the most effective manner. This is majorly achieved by using a process called Rally Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.

RSS feeds have been found to be the best way to deliver content which is constantly changing, rather than manually updating a page that users must visit to see if there are changes. With syndication, new episodes of a podcast are automatically pushed to their destinations as they are made. RSS readers and aggregators listen for these pushes and update the user’s content accordingly once they receive a push.

How Do I Get More Listeners For My Podcast?

The essence of podcasting is reaching more people with your content. Getting more listeners, therefore, should be one of your most important goals. Here is a summary of important steps you can take to get more listeners for your podcast:

  • Choose a good and dependable podcasting host
  • Build your network by reaching out to others in the podcasting community
  • Make your podcast easy to find by maximizing SEO
  • Interact with the internet community including your listeners, potential listeners, podcasts former guests and possible future guests
  • Use social media effectively to connect with the right people
  • Advertise through social media
  • Submit your podcast to relevant directories
  • Leverage on any audience you have already (blog readers or email list) to grow your podcast
  • Encourage listener interaction in your podcast
  • Hold contests and giveaways if you can.

Why Should Your Business Use Podcasting?

Podcasting may not be the most conventional marketing strategy but it is certainly one of the most effective ones in this age. Some of the major reasons your business should use podcasting include:

  • It is easy to create once you have invested in the right podcasting equipment
  • It is a highly engaging strategy
  • It helps you to reach the right audience with many qualified prospects
  • It will help your business attract high quality customers and clients
  • It can fit into your busy schedule if you outsource the management of your podcast
  • It improves your public speaking skills
  • It can be fun.

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Will you like your voice to be heard through our network? Contact us today at Helium Radio Network if you will like your voice to be heard. We are always ready to help you air or distribute your show across our network. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and provide suitable answers to you questions and concerns about our podcast syndication services. An amazing experience awaits you.

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Podcast Syndication Services Podcast Syndication Services