Podcast Syndication How To

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Podcast Syndication How To

Podcast Syndication How To

If you are interested in hosting your own podcast, there is no better place to do it than Helium Radio. We let you control the amount of content you want to provide, within reason. Helium Radio guarantees that your podcast will reach a very wide audience. Our marketing team will stretch your podcast reach as far as possible. Helium Radio can broadcast a live show, a live remote show, a pre-recorded show or a syndicated show.

We have been helping people launch their podcasts since July of 2017. You could be hosting your own podcast within 2 weeks of joining Helium Radio. We charge a start up fee of $199, which includes an hour of training. A live podcast costs $50 an hour. A prerecorded podcast costs $25 an hour. A syndicated podcast will also cost you $25 an hour.

The live show fee includes our audio engineer’s help to launch your podcast. That means you get 60 minutes of air time to record the podcast. If your podcast needs professional editing it will cost you $25 an hour. Helium Radio allows new podcast hosts to air a previously recorded show. The podcast must be well edited and suitable for our broadcast. The podcast music must be royalty free and all advertisements must be removed.

A live or recoded podcast comes with editing services, an hour of air time, pre and post production and a broadcasting day and time of your choice. A syndicated podcast comes with a choice of storage plans, distribution opportunities and a syndicate for more access and perks. Both plans come with monthly storage, Podcast RSS feed, a web page for your podcast and monthly statistics about the ratings. For a nominal fee you can store your show episodes on our server.

The initial set up fee includes show production and syndication support. If you are having trouble deciding between a live or prerecorded podcast and a syndicated podcast, explore our al a carte services to create the podcast that will be right for you. Audio recording, audio editing, host/show training and analytics reports are all $25 an hour. The monthly storage plans are as follows; $15 a month for 250 MB, $40 a month for 400 MB, $55 a month for 750 MB and $75 a month for 1.5 GB. The Helium Radio website has a podcast library storing each episode.

Having a podcast is easier than having a blog from a business perspective. There are over 600,000 podcasts versus over 440 million blogs. A good podcast focuses on a particular topic or niche. Your topic must be something that will appeal to a wide audience. Consider doing interviews on your podcast. New listeners are drawn to interview podcasts. But not every episode has to have an interview.

Repeat listeners are just as important as new listeners. Make sure your podcast never alienates regular listeners. The success of your podcast will largely depend on the loyalty of regular listeners.

For more information about hosting your own podcast call 1-866-930-9937 or send us a message on our contact page.

Podcast Syndication How To
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Podcast Syndication How To
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Podcast Syndication How To Podcast Syndication How To