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Facebook Marketing Scottsdale

Mass paper mailings can be a waste of paper. Unsolicited snail mail is often thrown away without reading. Facebook marketing in Scottsdale is more environmentally conscious than sending out paper letters or brochures. If your Facebook message is informative and interesting, there's a good chance the public will pay attention.

Social media is not merely for connecting with friends, colleagues, and family online. Your business can take advantage of the connections that social media can provide, so you can expand your reach. Facebook marketing Scottsdale is a cost efficient, fluid, and personal way to promote products and services on the internet. Facebook itself is already being used by many businesses to reach new, existing, and potential customers. These five facts about Facebook will convince you that it is vital to marketing and getting your message across hundreds to millions of people:
1. There are over 500 million active Facebook users, and 50 percent of them would log in on any given day.
2. An average Facebook user would have 130 friends.
3. User typically spend more than 700 billion minutes every month on Facebook.
4. A typical user is linked to 80 community pages, events, and groups
5. Average Facebook users can make 90 posts per month, and these include web links, blog posts, information, and news stories.
All these are relevant to your business because your friends, patrons, existing clients, and potential customers are using Facebook to connect with one another, as well as to businesses and brands. Your Facebook page can get you started with getting connected to all these people, too. When used correctly, social media marketing can make your brand and your business go viral, improve brand awareness, and gain more personal referrals. Social media can be a medium for open customer feedback, too.
Learn more about Facebook marketing Scottsdale from the experts here at Markit Media. Fill out the form in this website to get a quote on our social media marketing service. Markit Media delivers high-quality and effective social media solutions to engage existing and new customers to make your business grow.
Facebook Marketing Scottsdale

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Facebook Marketing Scottsdale Facebook Marketing Scottsdale