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WordPress Theme Modification scottsdale

So, you've put up a WordPress page, but it looks pretty much the same as every other WordPress page in the world. What can you do to make your page stand out among the rest? Get in touch with us. We are Markit Media and we know a thing or three about WordPress theme modification.

If you use WordPress, you have certainly noticed that ever since WordPress 1.0, each subsequent release has been named in honor of a jazz musician. From Charles Mingus to Duke Ellington, a variety of jazz greats have been so honored by WordPress releases. In December 2008, more than two hundred sponsored WordPress themes were deleted from the WP directory, as they were in direct conflict with GPL requirements. If you wish to modify a theme, speak with someone at Markit Media about custom WordPress theme modification. Save yourself the trouble of conflicting with themes that may be considered erroneous by WordPress. If you wish to blog to the world, you should probably talk to us about web design and WordPress theme modification. Powered by PHP and MySQL, Wordpress is the industry standard for personal and professional bloggers.

In addition to doing WordPress theme modification and development, we do great internet and analog marketing. We are an experienced WordPress development outfit, but we also do a wide range of print and internet media marketing. We can put your message onto garments that will be seen everywhere. We can build your site and host it, too. Would you like a spokesman for your site like the one who greeted you when you landed on our home page? We can make one for you. To know more about WordPress and the other services we offer, contact Markit Media Group at your earliest convenience. Give us a call and tell us what you need. WordPress Theme Modification scottsdale
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WordPress Theme Modification scottsdale WordPress Theme Modification scottsdale