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Your Modern Guide to Social Media: Why the Heck Do I Need Social Media?”

The social media expert at Markit Media has put together a simple, straight forward, guide to social media, inspired by our customers. The guide will be presented over the next 5 weeks through our Facebook, twitter, and blog. In those 5 weeks we hope to give you practical and professional advice, but more importantly we hope to answer the ultimate question, “Why the heck do I need social media?”.


Here is an overview of what will be covered:

Week 1: Functionality

This is guide was intended to be pretentious free! The first part will go over the actual function, and the differences of each social platform.

Week 2: Social Jargon

We will explain why you tweet on Twitter, but not Facebook, and how to use #’s.

Week 3: Demographics

This section of the guide will give you perspective on who is more likely to use each social platform. This will allow you to choose where to focus your energy.

Week 4: The Big “C” Word… Content

How to optimize your content according to your demographics. You’re only as good as your content.

Week 5: Advertising

Our marketing experts explain the different forms of paid advertising on social media.

A lot of hard work went in to this and we hope you enjoy!




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