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Here are 5 Ideas to Maximize This Holiday Season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That beloved time of year when the Scottsdale desert comes back to life! Here are 5 ideas to maximize this holiday season!

1. Streamline Social Media: Although measuring ROI on social media can be a struggle, their influence is undeniable. Holiday social media posts will most likely be the largest revenue drivers this holiday season. Taking that into account, considering a solid social media plan is worth every business owner’s time.
Tip: Clear up Call to Action Confusion, distinguish between “Like This”, “Like Us”, “Follow Us”, and “Share This”.

 2. Perfect Mobile Site: Forbes reported, 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results, and 61% of those search results in a purchase. Enough said.
Tip: Encourage customers to text key word to sign up for exclusive, VIP SMS offers.

 3. Send a Holiday Card: A personal favorite, holiday cards can be an enduring way to spread the holiday cheer. This simple card can be adapted to a company’s home page.
Tip: Create holiday navigation, with a gifts for him and her section.

4. Countdown Promo: Delivering an advent calendar through digital mediums will allow companies to notify customers of important deadlines.
Tips: Create a count down featuring 12 items promotional items.

 5.Post Holiday Strategies: This critical step is often over looked. If planned accordingly the holiday momentum can continue through Valentine’s Day. Many tongue-in-cheek retailers now has a traditional, “Get what you really wanted” post holiday sale. This enables retailers to move the left over product. Logistically speaking there will be more returns, planning how to handle this increase is an opportunity to leave a lasting positive impact on customers.
Tip: Create your own post holiday catch phase.

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